Building a successful online business with powerful eCommerce solutions

Whether B2B or B2C, your customers demand an easy and excellent buying experience. That’s more than what happens in your online store. Customers expect full omnichannel eCommerce solutions that enable them to have it delivered at their time and convenience. You want to deliver an experience that builds your customer relationships while ensuring that your eCommerce operations are as effective and cost-efficient as possible. The Runibex eCommerce suite – based around our Cloud-based eCommerce platform -delivers everything you need to quickly build your online business, integrate web and mobile commerce with traditional, in-store operations, and create outstanding customer experiences.

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Delivering a next generation retail experience at Boyner

Our eCommerce suite helped one of Europe’s largest retailers redefine their online and in-store retail strategies to deliver an omnichannel customer experience that fully embraces both web and mobile commerce.

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Why choose Runibex Technology?

Runibex delivers a complete eCommerce solution including store management, content management, order and invoice management, campaign management, fraud management and delivery management. Benefits include:

Deliver a dynamic and immersive shopping experience with our Cloud Lookbook.

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At the heart of our eCommerce solutions is our comprehensive eCommerce platform, commerce. As well as all the functionality you need to deliver incredible online customer experience, the platform includes all the back-end functionality you need to be successful at selling online. The Cloud-based eCommerce solution provides content. order, purchasing and fraud management capabilities to ensure all transactions are processed quickly and effectively.

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The orchestration module delivers optimized order pickup capabilities. It builds new levels of functionality and traceability into order pickup to effectively smooth the purchase to pickup process. In your customers selects to pickup in-store then there’s no need for any other in-store logistics or merchandising systems.

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order&collect solution gives your customers the flexibility to select between payment and receiving methods, shopping channels and locations. If you’re a multi-brand or multi-company organisations, you can easily provide cross-company or cross-brand collection services to your customers from a mouse click. In addition, order&collect allows you to open your customer experience to third party brands, companies and online stores for click-and-collect services.

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connectbus is a powerful integration engine based on SAP PO and Biztalk to ensure smooth integration with internal and external enterprise applications such as, ERP, CRM, Loyalty System, as well as REC, RET, digital marketing solutions on global integration methods. connectbus overcomes the challenges of all-in-one solutions to enable you to select best-of-breed eCommerce that you know will integrate int your chosen business and finance systems.

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Cloud Lookbook

Deepen your customer experience via our interactive Cloud Lookbook that dynamically links and recommends products as your customer browses.

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Image Recognition

Let your customer quickly access the products they’re after and find other related products easily by adding intelligence and interactivity to the images in your shop.

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Voice Experience

Introducing a new generation of voice-activated commerce. Customers can shop, make reservations or simply browse your website using voice commands.

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