Cloud-Based Click-and-Collect

order&collect is a module for the Runibex commerce platform that provides convenience and cost saving for your customers. You can boost online and in-store sales while ensuring that your store continues to be the hub for your business. This click-and-collect solution lets customers select their payment and receiving methods, collect their purchase at a time that suits them while reducing delivery charges for both you and your customers. In addition, with the order&collect module, you can open your systems to third party brands, companies and online stores.

Improve Customer Experience

Convenience is becoming a larger part of purchasing decisions. The order&collect module increases customer convenience by giving then the flexibility to receive their product at a time that suits them.

Integrated eCommerce

order&collect provides a single solution for Cloud-based click-and-collect that works across your brands and companies to provide a consistent experience for your customers. By opening your systems to third party brands, companies and online stores, this module increases the choice that customers have available.

A Company-Wide Solution

order&collect allows you to handle multiple product and multiple locations with ease. As part of the commerce platform, the solution benefits from stock control and product visibility enabling stock availability across multiple locations. A customer can buy online and then identify the location that’s best for them to collect.

Connect Online and Offline Shopping

As more sales take place online, order&collect can act as the glue that brings online and offline commerce together. It allows for customers to buy online and collect in-store or browse online and buy in-store. This increases the upsale opportunities for staff armed with the right information. Your physical stores remain the hub of your retail business.

Increased Share of Pocket

As customers collect their order it’s the perfect opportunity to add extra items to the sale. Research suggests that as many as 85% of click-and-collect customers buy extra items when collecting in-store. order&collect provides all the information you need to recommend related items or follow-on purchases to customers.

The eCommerce, Cloud and SAP Experts

Runibex is one of the very few services providers available today with in-depth experience of eCommerce, Cloud and SAP environments. We have over 20 years experience of delivering services and solutions for Cloud and SAP customers. Our eCommerce solutions have been optimised to work with the world’s leading hyperscale public cloud and business application providers.

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