Our Information Security Policy, as a whole, for our group companies, pledges;

  • To fulfil all legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements
  • To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of company information,
  • To continuously improve the Information Security Management System, we have established within the framework of ISO 27001 standard in accordance with the laws, legislation, contracts and standards we are subject to,
  • To determine the roles and responsibilities for the operation and maintenance of the Information Security Management System,
  • To identify and systematically manage risks to the security of information assets,
  • To always meet the needs and expectations of the relevant parties by ensuring the business continuity of the institution,
  • To allocate the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the Information Security Management System,
  • Maintain the credibility of the company and the image it represents,
  • To systematically manage the security violations to be experienced and to operate criminal sanctions, when necessary,
  • The management undertakes to ensure the announcement and accessibility of the policy and to increase the awareness of information security of the employees and all other stakeholders of the organization.


                                                                                                                                General Manager