Cloud Migration Services

Moving complex applications to the Cloud requires a comprehensive strategy built on proven frameworks and processes, strong technical execution and in-depth experience. Our Cloud Migration services team helps to move your most complex and demanding applications to the Public Cloud quickly and efficiently. We’ll make an initial assessment of your IT infrastructure and provide a high-level migration roadmap. We’ll set up all your accounts and privileges with the Cloud provider. We can have you up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Flexible, low cost Cloud migration

  • Proven migration methodology

  • Best practice migration automation tools

  • Skilled team of Cloud migration experts

  • Connect to your chosen Public Cloud provider in minutes

  • Smooth and effective migration in days or weeks

  • Minimal business disruption

  • Renicle Cloud Management Platform

What is Cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving your business’s data, email and applications to a Cloud computing environment. Often, this entails moving the data from a legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure to the Public Cloud. For many companies legacy applications have become outdated, unreliable, insecure and extremely costly to maintain. Companies spend more simply ‘keeping the lights on’ than creating systems that will drive business agility and growth.

Today, Cloud migration has become a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ as part of Cloud modernisation strategies. But many organisations lack the business or technical expertise to complete the transition. Our Cloud Migration services remove the risk and pain of shifting moving you to the Cloud. We’ll handle the planning, assessment, while ensuring your business continues undisrupted during the process.

Why migrate to the Public Cloud?

The advantages of choosing a Public Cloud provider – such as AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure – are clear. There is no other IT infrastructure that can deliver:

  • Virtually limitless compute capacity
  • Virtually limitless storage capacity
  • Virtually limitless scalability – both up and down
  • Highest levels of security and data protection
  • Enhanced back-up and business continuity features
  • Simplified IT infrastructure

The business benefits

As well as the technical benefits of Public Cloud, there’s a wide range of business benefits. There include:

  • It becomes faster and more affordable to deliver Cloud apps
  • It helps break down the information silos that have built up over years internally
  • It boosts collaboration by facilitating connectivity and integration both internally and externally
  • It increases business agility by giving access to Cloud services that support digital ecosystems, remote working and BYOD strategies
  • All this on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis

Our Cloud Migration Services

Planning and strategy

We establish a Cloud migration plan and roadmap that sets out why you’re migrating, the systems, data and applications to be migrated and how you wish to work afterwards.

Application Discovery

We identify all the applications used in your business and their current status in terms of security, scalability, automation, disaster recovery, automation, recovering ability, etc.

Architecture Design

We bring together all existing resources and requirements to design your a Public Cloud architecture to support your IT workload.

Database Migration

We quickly, easily and securely move databases to your chosen Public Cloud infrastructure.

Server Migration

We quickly, easily and securely transfer selected internal workloads to your Public Cloud infrastructure.

Data Migration and Storage

We quickly, easily and securely transfer data to your Cloud infrastructure and ensure it is stored to meet your data governance and compliance requirements.


We deploy a range of industry best practice tools to automate as much of the migration process as possible.

Deployment and Testing

We establish a Cloud migration plan and roadmap that sets out why you’re migrating, the systems, data and applications to be migrated and how you wish to work afterwards.

Cloud Management Platform

Our Renicle Cloud Management Platform makes it easy for your IT teams to take full control of performance, security and cost optimization of your migrated Cloud environment.

Continuous improvement

Once live, we provide to service to allow us to constantly re-assess and improve your Public Cloud installation to ensure your Cloud investment matches your business needs.

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