Increase Customer Choice with an Order Pickup Optimisation Solution

Orchestration is a Cloud-based module from the Runibex commerce platform that optimises order pickup orchestration. It provides an end-to-end solution to manage the purchase to delivery process enabling your customer to select their preferred pickup location. Where your physical stores are pickup locations, you don’t need any other in-store logistics or merchandising systems to complete the process – reducing cost and complexity while enhancing your customer service.

Improved Fulfilment Process

With orchestration, you can automatically generate pickup work orders. These can be passed along the supply chains and integrate into other warehouse management systems so that products can be quickly processed by handheld and mobile devices while in transit and handheld terminals in-store make it fast for customers to collect their purchase.

Improved Visibility

Order pickup optimisation delivers another level of product traceability. You can give your customer access to delivery details and provide service notifications so they always know where they products are and when they will be able to pick them up.

Improved Omnichannel Experience

There are many reasons why someone buying online may prefer to pickup in-store. This order pickup optimisation module gives them an omnichannel solution that gives the customer the flexibility and control to pickup their purchase when and where they require.

Improved Integration

Through the commerce platform, orchestration delivers smooth application integration. For example, you can integrate with your ERP systems to synchronise delivery or integrate with CRM to record pickup transactions and to empower staff to upsell when the customer picks up in-store.

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