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Runibex has one of the largest resource bases of experts in the migration and management of SAP solutions – especially in the Cloud. We help organisations across Europe to run SAP applications in the cloud more efficiently, more economically and more resiliently. Our team members have extensive experience working with directly with SAP applications, so we can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP deployments to the Cloud. We shorten time to value by deploying the scalable infrastructure and power of hyperscale public cloud infrastructure to modernise, industrialise and optimise your SAP workloads.

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What are SAP Managed Services?

SAP Managed Services can be defined as a range of resources, methodologies and processes for maintaining, improving, and managing SAP environments. The managed service provider is responsible for services including creation, implementation, improvement, testing, integration, support, and maintenance, as well as help desk services. such system monitoring or disaster recovery.

Like many other managed service approaches, SAP Managed Services remove the cost and complexity from managing your SAP systems, often allowing organisations to achieve levels of performance, availability and security that an internal deployment may struggle to match. SAP Managed Services from Runibex are specifically designed for organisations that are planning or are moving their SAP workloads to the Cloud.


Our migrate services include

Application Discovery Service

Identify all the SAP applications used in your business and their current status

Database Migration Service

Easily and securely move SAP databases to your chosen hyperscale public cloud infrastructure

Server Migration Service

Quick and easy transfer of internal SAP workloads to your hyperscale public cloud infrastructure


Our migrate services include

SAP Monitoring Service

Continuous performance monitoring and reporting on all your SAP systems.

Server-less deployment

Create and execute applications and services for any deployment platform

Change Management

Assess and control the configuration of your SAP systems

Event Management

Drive the reliability, usability, and performance of your SAP systems

Access Management

Securely control access to all you computing resources for internal and external users

Security Management

Improve security by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities


Our migrate services include

Cost Optimisation

Manage costs while maintaining the flexibility, performance and capacity of systems

Performance Optimisation

Choose the appropriate levels of application performance, availability and scalability

Security Optimisation

Ensure a highly secure environment to scale and innovate with confidence

Continuity Management

Comprehensive range of backup and disaster recovery services

Why Choose SAP Managed Services From Us?


We can work with you to fully tailor our services to your specific business needs, all backed by SLAs.


We use the latest tools and resources to automate as much SAP migration and management of your computing requirements as possible


We’re amanaged service provider that can create enterprise SAP-based applications for all Cloud infrastructure


Detailed policies govern every aspect of our services to ensure operation consistency and control


Our business-focused consultants can work with you to align your SAP and Cloud systems to business strategy

Why Work with Runibex Technology?

Whether you’re beginning your journey to the Cloud or looking to optimize the performance of your on-premise SAP systems, Runibex Technology has over 20 years experience as an SAP Managed Service provider with a track record of delivering highly reliable, high performance SAP solutions on Cloud-based infrastructure. Our dedicated Cloud research facility ensures that your SAP installations are always up-to-date and allow you to move forward with cost-effective innovation.

“If we decided to use this infrastructure on premise environment, we had to wait more than 6 weeks for getting hardware and it might be the reason for delaying the Project timeline. Plus, our workloads are changeable, and we could not manage this kind of challenges if we run our systems on premise landscapes. Thanks to Runibex and AWS well architected environment, we reduced overall TCO by 30%. To give a hint on how this cost reduction has happened; for instance, development and test environments are not needed to be run at nights or weekends, so they are automatically shut down.

Cengiz Varol
Managing Director
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SAP Maintenance Services

Whether on-premise or in the Cloud, SAP environments today are large and diverse, and increasingly difficult to maintain. We provide a range of customised and flexible SAP maintenance and support services to reduce the management burden and risk for our customers. Our objective is to deliver great results for your business. We take time to really understand your business. Whether maintenance, support or implementation, we apply our experience and skills to provide services tailored to your needs and industry.

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SAP Maintenance Services From Runibex

Project support

  • Upgrades release and version

  • Data archiving

  • Business application enabling

  • New application integration

  • Implementation of new or additional modules

Business support

  • Help desk

  • User support

  • Troubleshoot and resolve

  • Additional development

  • User training

Technical support

  • Help desk

  • Hardware performance and management

  • Application system administration

  • Patches and fix management

  • User profile management

  • Batch scheduling and monitoring

  • Interface monitoring

  • Database monitoring

  • Network support

Why Work with Runibex?

We Understand Your Business

At the heart of our SAP maintenance services is our customer knowledge and industry expertise. We have a large team of skilled and experienced business and technical consultants that address the entire SAP solution set. In addition, 20% of our profits are re-invested into research and development so that we always have flexible resource on the latest SAP and Cloud technologies.

We Know How to Optimise The Performance of SAP

We’ve simplified SAP maintenance, reducing complexity and allowing you to focus on the performance of your critical business applications. Managing SAP internally is a difficult and expensive process. Runibex removes the headache and delivers robust SAP solutions to are there when needed.

We Have Vast Experience in SAP Maintenance

We have vast experience in helping all types of organisations get the most from their SAP systems. Our customer-centric services place the emphasis on high performance, low cost SAP maintenance and support.

Our Services is Designed Around SAP Metrics and SLAs

We start by establishing which SAP metrics really matter to your business and your industry. These form the basis of our maintenance service and are enshrined within our Service Level Agreements.

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