Next Generation Voice Search and Voice Commerce with Voice Control

Voice is beginning to reshape the future of eCommerce – especially mobile commerce. As more and more people become comfortable with digital assistants such as Sire or Google Echo they want to do more than search web content and listen to music. People now expect the speed and convenience of asking Alexi when they want to make a purchase. With our Voice-activated experience solution, your customers can now search, browse, order and pay – all over voice from the comfort of their home.

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice commerce is a technology that helps customers to use voice commands to search and purchase products online. Using the technology, you can purchase almost anything from a smartphone or a voice-activated digital assistant. From the customer’s perspective, voice is a very simple way to shop.

From a technical point of view, Voice for Experiences software works in a very similar way as Siri or Alexa. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret voice commands and locate the types of item that customer is interested in. The software then explains the different items found and helps the customer through the purchase and payment process. This can all be achieved through voice or a combination of voice and mobile or web interface.

Until now, voice as been the missing part of omnichannel commerce but represents one of the most natural ways for customers to buy. In addition, voice commerce allows you to capture real world preferences and use those to create a highly personalized experience for each customer.

How Voice Commerce from Runibex Works?

The Voice Control solution from Runibex allows your customers to benefit from voice commerce to let them:

  • Interact with their favourite brands through mobile phone or digital assistant
  • Find the product they want quickly
  • Access a more personalized experience based on their preference
  • Ensure they order the right product every time
  • Easily build a shopping cart with their voice
  • Enjoy simple and secure payment

The Benefits of Voice Control

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