Create a Dynamic and Interactive Cloud Lookbook

Welcome to the next step in digital lookbook technology. Interactive lookbooks are the perfect tools for online retailers to display and sell their products. A lookbook sells the experience as well as the product. Previously, lookbooks have been little more than interactive catalogues. Cloud Lookbook takes this one stage further. It’s a Cloud-based solution that add dynamic intelligence to let you customers select items within the image to access related items and recommendations based on their lifestyle and preferences.

What a Cloud Lookbook Delivers

Enhance Your Brand Story

Help your products stand out by teling a visual story that placing your brand in the context of your customer’s lifestyle. Cloud Lookbook gives you the ability to add an aspirational narrative to your products and accessories that will excite your customers. An interactive lookbook will both drive sales and increase customer loyalty and connection to your brand.

Capture the Power of Experiential Retail

Your customers don’t just want to buy products they want the experience. Today, they want shappong – online or in-store – to be entertaining and immersive. Cloud Lookbook allows you to display your products in an interactive and dynamic way that’s far more engaging than simply browsing from one catalogue page to another.

Boost Your Marketing Budget

Digital marketing budgets are being constantly squeezed as the number of channels and customer demand continues to grow. Cloud Lookbook enables you to build dynamic lookbook functionality into your marketing campaigns and deliver it across channels. In addition, as Cloud Lookbook makes it simple to create and edit lookbooks, it’s easy to add promotions or refine items based on campaign feedback.

Create a Lookbook in Minutes

Cloud Lookbook is a Cloud-based solution with all the cost, performance and scalability benefits. It removes a great deal of the cost and complexity of developing an interactive lookbook, while adding dynamic functionality for the first time. You can move from scratch to a published look book in as little as 5 minutes and, based in the Cloud, your lookbook can be accessed and edited at any time and anywhere you have a web connection.

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