Renicle Cloud Management Platform

As Cloud installations become more complex, they become more challenging to management. An increasing number of organisations have begun to operate within multi-Cloud environments. You need to be able to manage your Cloud capabilities central – whether you have a single or multiple Cloud instances. Renicle, our comprehensive Cloud Management Platform gives your IT team everything they need to easily and flexibly take control the cost, performance and security of your Cloud solutions. With Renicle, you can provision new Cloud instances in only a few minutes.


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What is a Cloud Management Platform?

A Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is a solution that includes a comprehensive set of features to facilitate the central management of different Cloud installation.  Ideally suited for multi-Cloud environments where the organisation has installed different Cloud solutions for specific business requirements, the CMP is designed to ease the management and administration burden from the IT team.

Renicle, the Cloud Management Platform for Runibex, provides comprehensive but easy to use capabilities to manage and optimise the cost, performance, security and business continuity of your Cloud environment. Using predefined templates and self-service interfaces, it is fast and simple to provision new Cloud instances, manage existing instances and monitor performance across you Cloud infrastructure and applications. In addition, a central CMP helps ensure that all governance and compliance requirements are met.

Currently, Renicle is available for AWS. Capabilities for Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure will be announced shortly.

Benefits of the Renicle Cloud Management Platform

Who Needs a Cloud Management Platform

  • Renicle promotes effective Cloud usage, support your planning based on cost and usage data, and increase the productivity of your teams. Our CMP helps:
    1. Create and manage your own hierarchies to see all your resources hierarchically and grouped.
    2. Compare resources and alternatives to optimise all parts of your infrastructure.
    3. Focus on activating and reporting on newer and more efficient technology choices.
    4. Analyse the associations of your uses according to your metrics.
    5. Build chains of relational actions with rules you specify.
  • Renicle helps create strategies to reduce the risks, drive successful Cloud transformation and ensure cloud governance. With the CMP, you can:
    1. Plan all your steps and costs for the outset and throughout your Cloud journey.
    2. Empower and manage your teams’ competencies across your Cloud apps and infrastructure as well as track them separately with system and service groups.
    3. Manage your infrastructure either centralised or decentralised.
    4. Create optimised and sustainable cloud governance policies
    5. Accelerate your IT functions while maintaining complete traceability and continuity.
  • With Renicle, you can increase the accuracy of estimated spend so you can charge well in advance. For decision making, viewing your Cloud cost and forecasting your spend is crucial. Our CMP allows you to:
    1. See how you are using your resources for building an optimal organisation structure and adapting any organisational changes.
    2. Manage your vendor discount management from a single platform so you can easily control and modify your infrastructure changes.
    3. Gain better control of budgets by getting precise allocations and chargebacks for each individual product, app or service.
    4. Detect configurable spend variance with real-time warnings and alerts.
  • Renicle ensures that Cloud processes are handled correctly, such as viewing the exact amount of cost and consumed capacity. It lets you:
    1. Utilise reports and dashboards, showing you spending and the overall picture, to find out if teams are within budgets.
    2. View how Cloud affects your financial status in line with specified cloud economic metrics.
    3. Follow up on Cloud spends, utilisation and unit cost KPI’s to identify and build positive cloud efficiency trends.
  • Renicle delivers a more efficient business environment that lets your team focus on lower costs and higher value. This includes:
    1. Getting a better understanding on progress and creating a healthy operating environment, benchmark Cloud efficiency between teams and departments.
    2. Seeing your movements on spend at the end of the day and taking immediate action to stay on budget.
    3. Ensuring your teams comply with your cloud governance and optimisation policies.
    4. Maintaining a lean product using recommendations based on big data.
    5. Getting a better understanding on operational cloud usage, and building trends such as utilisation, cloud spend and unit cost KPIs.

Renicle Cloud Management Plans:


  • £790 annual subscription
  • Up to 5 instances
  • 2 User accounts
  • Unlimited AWS accounts


  • £1490 annual subscription
  • Up to 30 instances
  • 5 User accounts
  • Unlimited AWS accounts


  • £2490 annual subscription
  • Up to 70 instances
  • 10 User accounts
  • Unlimited AWS accounts

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