Image recognition to make images shoppable

Image Recognition Gives Shoppable Images to Enrich Your Customer Experience

In eCommerce, pictures are worth more than a thousand words. With Image Recognition, an image can help you sell more, create better and more intuitive online experiences, and deepen your customer relationship. Images become shoppable. If your customers see something they like, all they have to do is take a photo and that image will instantly open up the world of eCommerce to them. No searching. No waiting.

What is Image Recognition?

Image Recognition applies artificial intelligence to automatically identify and categorise objects, places, people, text, and actions in images. The goal is to make eCommerce more visually and consumer-centric as possible. The AI tags and adds content to the image allowing it to become shoppable – used to find and retrieve similar and related items from your online store.

With shoppable images, customers that know what they are looking for no longer have to use text-based search or scroll through multiple pages to get t the product they’re after. Customers looking for inspiration can simply use the image to return similar items. Shopping becomes much more immediate, intuitive and rewarding.

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How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1.

See something you like.

Step 2.

Take a photo and launch Image Recognition.

Step 3.

Browse and purchase visually similar, shoppable items.

Key Use Cases for Image Recognition


Customers can use images to search your online shop for other similar or related items. They no longer have to struggle to find the exact search term or wade through pages of irrelevant results. The image recognition software does all the leg-work for them and delivers visual results that are easy to understand and smooth the purchase process.


Customers can use images to shop for the items they want. With mage Recognition can select an image or upload their own and the system will analyse it and display similar items. With Image Recognition, you can automatically provide recommendation based on customer preference and build a personalised experience around images that they like.

Social Media Commerce

Image recognition can integrate with social media to recoginse and categorise the images that are placed on the social media property. For example, an image uploaded to a retailer’s Instagram page can be analysed and used to either recommend related products or better target ads or promotions.

Shoppable Advertising

Media companies and publishers can take advantage of Image Recognition to add a new layer or interactivity to their print and online advertising. Advertising can be designed to be shoppable so that when an ad is photographed the shoppable items within the ad automatically launch sales or campaign pages to encourage immediate purchase.

Why Choose Runibex?

Image Accuracy

Once trained, our Image Recognition software can identify and tag the content of an image to a high degree of accuracy. It can automatically add tagging, meta-data and other content to your catalogue images as well as instantly identify the content of uploaded images and relate that to images within your catalogue.

Multi-Object Detection

You can identify multiple objects in a photo from a single image upload, eliminating the need for shoppers to manually crop their images in order to pinpoint their searches to the relevant product.

Category Detection

Image Recognition can instantly identify the retail category – such as fashion, homeware, packaged goods, etc – to which the image belongs to speed searches and results.

Search Speed

Using Image Recognition, your customers benefit from almost instant and highly targeted search results.

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