Benefiting from the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP

According to SAPinsider, over 85% of companies had at least started to evaluate the migration to S4/HANA in 2020, and the majority of organisations prefer to move to the public Cloud. There are many reasons for selecting AWS as your hyperscale Cloud environment. The benefits and savings in the new AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP could be the deciding factor.

A decade of successful collaboration

When it comes to the Cloud, the relationship between SAP and AWS stretches back over a decade. The two companies have worked constantly over the time to deliver new solutions that extended the capabilities for SAP customers in the Cloud. There’s an on-going roadmap that has seen a stream of innovation. In the last 12 months alone SAP has launched SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud on AWS.

Runibex AWS / SAP Cloud Solutions

Figure 1: Cloud collaboration between SAP and AWS (Source: AWS)

Today, SAP runs the majority of their PaaS services on AWS. In fact, ten of the SAP Cloud Platform regions worldwide run on AWS. Both SAP and its customers choose AWS for its scalable, high performance and secure infrastructure as well as deploying AWS as their platform for innovation. Migrating SAP workloads to AWS just seems to make sense.

What is the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP?

If you needed any more convincing then you should take a look at AWS MAP for SAP.  It is a comprehensive and proven Cloud migration program specifically for SAP workloads built upon years of experience of successfully migrating enterprise companies to the Cloud. It delivers a package of best practices, tools, skills and expertise as well as an attractive range of business and financial incentives.

According to AWS, you can expect the following benefits from migrating to the Cloud:

Cost savings Business Agility Reduce Risk
By migrating to the cloud, you can obtain 30-50% cost savings, on average. You can Innovate faster at a global scale when you move from on-premises to the cloud. AWS has 175+ fully featured services, which you can leverage to quickly enhance innovation and digital transformation in your business. Organisations moving to AWS from on-premises achieve an average of 7x fewer downtime hours.


How does AWS MAP for SAP work?

The AWS MAP for SAP is designed in three stages that take you step by step through the process of migrating your SAP workloads to the Cloud: Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate and Optimise. The table below explains the stages and the benefits that accrue at each stage:

Stage Assess Mobilize Migrate & Optimise
What’s involved? We work with you to conduct a migration readiness assessment to identify and evaluate strengths, opportunities for improvement, and business benefits. In addition, we’ll calculate an estimate of the TCO you can expect. We create a migration plan and detailed business case. Then, work together on Proof of Concept (PoC) or pilot programs migrating target SAP workloads. Finally, we execute the large-scale migration plan developed during the mobilize phase.
The benefits Complementary discovery workshop and TCO estimate AWS credits for PoC/Pilot programs, redeemed on full migration Save more than $100k in incremental annual spend


AWS prefers to work with certified partners like Runibex Technology to execute the MAP program. Our close relationship with both SAP and AWS means you always have the skills and resource you need.

How do you get involved?

Signing up for AWS MAP for SAP is very simple. You can just contact Runibex and we can take you through it. But, like any major migration program, it does require significant commitment from you. AWS has set out the following requirements to join the program:

Plan Commit Execute
  • Finalise your migration plan
  • Name an executive sponsor for SAP Migration
  • Enroll in the program via click through agreement
  • Migrate new SAP systems to AWS and yield more than $100K in incremental annual spend
  • Complete steps required to enable migration tracking for incentive calculation
  • Purchase and use 3Y RIs and/or Savings Plan for migrating SAP landscapes

Why choose Runibex Technology as your AWS MAP for SAP partner?

Runibex Technology has invested in the MAP for SAP program establishing a MAP for SAP migration factory to deliver the services and skills you need to optimise your migration to the Cloud while reducing the risk and uncertainty. As an approved AWS SAP Competency Partner, Runibex has a proven track record of successful SAP implementation, migration and innovation.

To find out more about the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP, contact us today or fill out the form to download the SAP S4/ HANA white paper.

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