The challenge of effective re-architecting

Moving to the Cloud is a major infrastructure change for business and like any major transformation it shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. The first thing to understand is that re-architecting is not always the best approach for every application.

Take full advantage of Cloud architectures while embracing new DevOps approaches such as continuous development and continuous integration.

Sometimes rehosting will make more sense or migration gives you the opportunity to retire legacy systems that no longer support your business processes or repurchase the software to take advantage of SaaS providers. One provider has suggested that only 10% of applications are suitable for re-architecting. Our experience suggests the percentage is far higher and that it will often be determined at a business decision rather than a technical level.

However, another thing that needs to be fully understood is the amount of work that’s involved in proper re-architecting. In essence, Cloud re-architecting involves breaking down an application and then rebuilding it in a service-oriented, scalable design that takes full advantage of Cloud native capabilities. It requires in-depth understanding of the application and your chose Cloud platform. Everything from data, performance, security and user requirements have to be carefully considered and integrated into the design and development of the new applications.

The good news is that a great deal of work has been done by the big hyperscalers and their service provider partners to ease the Cloud re-architecting process to minimize the risk and cost while delivering systems and benefits early.

For example, the AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. Based on five pillars — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization — the framework delivers a consistent approach to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that can scale over time.

For businesses that have begun their Cloud journey by rehosting, using the framework allows them to assess where they are, which applications will benefit from re-architecting and how best to implement a change program to achieve the benefits of Cloud modernisation.

Why choose Runibex Technology as your Cloud Services Provider?

By accelerating Cloud adoption, the pandemic also accelerated another trend: the Cloud IT skills gap. There is a lack of experienced professionals to meet the needs of business today. Because companies often lack the necessary skills when they begin Cloud migration, re-architecting can appear a very daunting approach given the specialist Cloud application and infrastructure knowledge necessary.

Runibex Technology has been helping organisations across Europe successfully migrate to the Cloud. Through close partnership with AWS, we’re highly skilled in deploying the AWS Well-Architected Framework to help you identify the application to re-architect and provide the skills and expertise throughout the design, development and implementation phases. We’ll help you achieve the full benefits of Cloud modernisation.

To find out more about Cloud re-architecting services from Runibex, contact us today.