There are impressive cost benefits from moving to the cloud for most organisations. However, experience teaches that, in technology, nothing is straightforward. Research suggests that as much as 70% of cloud costs are wasted(1). To gain the expected benefits of cloud, cost optimisation becomes an essential technique. This paper explores the financial, technical and organizational culture requirements when implementing a successful cost optimisation strategy.

Growth of Cloud, growth of costs?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an acceleration in Cloud adoption in businesses across the world(2). In fact, over 80% of companies say that their Cloud computing plans have speeded up(3) as they embrace new remote working and digital business practices that have evolved rapidly from the pandemic.  The Cloud offers the scalability, agility and flexibility that on-premise IT estate simply can’t match. Today and going forward, the bulk of business will be based around Cloud-first strategies, and native Cloud applications and infrastructure.

Where previously cost had been perhaps the major driver of Cloud adoption, the immediacy of the pandemic crisis put a focus on the value of Cloud to achieve quickly evolving business outcomes. Cost management, however, remains essential in an environment of unpredictable demand and trading conditions. Cost optimisation is the strategy to best and most cost-effectively align Cloud usage to business requirements. But, the Cloud introduces a very different world to managing the traditional data centre. Indeed, it can turn many of the established operational and cost management principles on their head.

This white paper sets out what cost optimisaton means in the Cloud and outlines some best practices to help you achieve optimal cost and performance returns from your Cloud environment.

Why choose Runibex Technology as your Cloud partner?

The elasticity of cloud services is a powerful way to optimize costs. By combining tagging, monitoring, and automation, your organization can match its spend to its needs and put resources where they provide the most value. 

Runibex Technology has been helping organisations across Europe successfully migrate to and implement Cloud environments Through close partnership with AWS, we’re highly skilled in deploying the AWS Well-Architected Framework to help you identify and optimize costs the skills and expertise throughout the design, development, operations and management phases of your Cloud journey.

In addition, Runibex is a leading Cloud Managed Services provider. We have built close working relationships with the major Public Cloud service providers – including AWS, Google and Microsoft to deliver a flexible resource of technical and operational experts to plan and execute Cloud migration and optimisation programs in a matter of days rather than months or years.

By adopting managed services from Runibex, you can reduce or remove much of your administrative and operational overhead, freeing you to work on value-adding activities. In addition, our services are designed from the outset to optimise costs so we can continually deliver a lower cost per transaction or service as well as offering the capability to reduce or remove licensing costs.

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