Detur turns to Runibex to
deliver its global eCommerce portal

At Detur, transitioning to the Cloud has saved it many, otherwise unavoidable, costs. The company states that the flexibility and responsiveness of cloud is helping it to prepare for more growth. The low cost and simplicity of AWS services provides a much faster provision cycle. Working with Runibex, the company is able to continually introduces new processes and integrations based on the latest Cloud-based technologies.

Detur was established in 1993 as a travel agency in Turkey. From the outset, Detur have adopted a customer-oriented philosophy of “genuine hospitality and personalised service”. Relying on dynamic and forward-thinking workforce and its ability to follow the industrial trends, Detur became one of the leading companies in the tourism industry by 2000. 

Detur’s objective is to provide professional services, event organisations, domestic and international trips, package tour programs and flight tickets. The group have developed long lasting business partnerships due to innovative solutions provided to enterprises and public organisations with constant focus on quality and affordability. The group, besides events management, has vast experience in incoming tourism operations.

The company is meticulously increasing its business volume in order to contribute to a meaningful increase of travel from Europe towards Turkey as well as promoting the profile of Turkey in the international arena. 

In 1998, just five years after its establishment, Detur started to expand its scope beyond Turkey and established branch offices in all over Scandinavia. In confidence with its years of industrial expertise, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt and Thailand were added to its ever-growing list of destinations of Detur. Detur International B.V. in Amsterdam incorporates all the group companies under its umbrella.

The Detur Group Companies are: Detur International B.V., Detur Operations Ltd, Detur Finland O.Y., Detur Sweden AB, Detur Denmark ApS and Tatil Seyahat Turizm A.S. The group handles accommodation for branches in Scandinavia for travellers to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt and Thailand and also have the resources and personnel to provide consultancy, research and development.

Cooperating with tour operators on projects for new destinations, boosting productivity based on financial forecasts and providing high quality service and offering great value on tours & events are their main business development targets. 

According to the Group’s vision and mission, Detur is founded on a customer centric philosophy of excellence, genuine hospitality and dedicated service. 

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"The uptime for the site, one of the main service level indicators for the value delivered to customers, is assured to protect and further expand the brand and revenues."

The Challenge 

Detur is a multinational tourism operator with several companies in different countries. Detur decided to invest and found an e-commerce portal for its on internet transactions;

As being a tourism operator extending several geographies and having differentiating customer basis in all these geographies, Detur is in alliance with several partners and the most assuming aspect is the integration points between these partners.

The landscape of services offered through the site expands from professional services, event organisation, domestic and international trips to package tour programs and flight tickets. Hotels, 3rd party tour organisers, airline companies, maritime companies, rent-a-car companies, events like festivals and sports events’ organisers are included in these partners.

These integration points are established based on APIs and need to be highly available and very fast responding. Also, aiming on rapid growth possibilities on internet, a very highly scalable system was mandatory. 

Why Amazon Web Services/Runibex? 

With these goals in mind, on premise was never considered as an option and cloud managed hosting and services was decided as a base model. Runibex was chosen as the project’s cloud partner. To support demand, the company uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances for its application, elastic cache service and search servers. Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing is used which automatically distributes incoming traffic between multiple Amazon EC2 instances.

The company is using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to house backups and static files, including user pictures. To monitor all of its server resources, Amazon CloudWatch, which allows to easily supervise all of its Amazon EC2 assets through the AWS Management Console, Command Line Tools, or a Web services API. 

In addition, Company moved its main MSSQL database to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). 

The Benefits 

Detur states that cloud shift saved it lots of costs otherwise unavoidable. The company states that the flexibility and responsiveness of cloud is helping it to prepare for more growth.

The low cost and simplicity of services provides a much faster provision cycle. The company is continually introducing new processes and integrations and in the search of using available technologies.

The simplicity and the pace of integrating partners and business services is a key factor to high level growth. The uptime for the site, one of the main service level indicators for the value delivered to customers, is assured to protect and further expand the brand and revenues. Scalability with fluctuations in demand and delivering the consistent enjoyable user experience is enabled by cloud services. Trust is provided and maintained in the eyes of customers.

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